Friday, January 6, 2012

goodbye 2011.

2011 was an awesome year.

we had 365 days of laughing. crying. and love.

in january we celebrated our home's first birthday.

february we celebrated a dairy free valentines.
received mail from yoda. 

march brought beach days. 
our chicken's first eggs. 

then we went on the best trip ever.
fell in love with the the farm. the land. and the lambs.

april was spent on the porch. or at the beach. and in the sun.

in may we spent breakfast. lunch. and dinner. with mickey mouse.
my fave family video yet.

june meant summer. 
the most wonderful time of year!

july brought the best fourth birthday. 

august filled up with playground reviews.
water days. and a very important birthday girl.

we made the best toy ever. out of a red wagon.

we finished out the summer,
and having lots of dance parties. and family dates.

then our dear abbey came over to take pictures of our everyday.

october took us to the pumpkin patch.
we put a spin on halloween with reverse trick-or-treating.

then tom and I went on our honeymoon.

december was perfection.
we made snow globes. 
we took the kids glide skating too!
and then lost most of our friends when we wrote about 

yes, 365 days of true burket style fun.
we couldn't feel more blessed about 2011.
and are excited to see what God has planned for 2012.

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