Monday, October 31, 2011

no tricks. just treats.

the day is finally here.

we couldn't be more excited.

our pumpkin shirts are made.

halloween hats crafted.

cool weather here.

pumpkin muffins baked ruined. it's now tradition.

we are ready for halloween night.

this year we are starting a new tradition.

reverse trick or treating

we packaged up (store bought) baked goodies.
homemade muffins just didn't happen. see above.

and packets of mulled cider.

and we will be taking the kids around our hood
to pass out treats to the neighbors.

a much sweeter take on trick-or-treating.

then when we return there will be some surprise goodies for the babes.
(wax lips. pumpkin pop rocks. and mom's birthday cake.)

perfect for kids with allergies and training those little hearts.

happy halloweenie ya'll.

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