Saturday, August 25, 2012


each year we invite our dear friend abbey saxton in to capture our day as we live it.
our family. the way we know it and love it best.
this year she also captured our home.
the place we know and love best.

abs, I'm ever grateful.
you do magic. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

After school snack.

After school snack is my favorite time of day.
Reuniting with my babes. 
Filling their little bellies.
And hearing all about
the cafeteria. all the little brown girls.
the big playground.
the big gatrols (patrols).
and his best new buddy.

celebratory sweets after the first day.

back to cool.

Trent had his first day of Kindergarten.

after 5 years of praying about school.
190 days on the wait list.
and three days before school started.
we got the call that Trent was in at the same school I went to.
we have been so blessed and are incredibly grateful and thrilled.

We know as much as we love Trent. 
that God loves him more.
and we know how proud we are of Trent.
that God is even more proud.
We know God has big plans for Trent and
we are so excited to see Trent's light shine in Kindergarten.

fest & feast.

we celebrate the start of school with back to school fest
& a back to school feast.

back to school fest is all about a day of family fun.

and we top the night off with our feast.

we introduce our theme and goals for the year:
 listen & obey

we bless the kiddos and shower them with 
prayer. love. and encouragement.

super summer.

we had the best summer ever.
we made two lists before school was out.
a summer sand bucket list, of fun things to do.
and a learning list, of things the kids needed training or teaching on.

summer sand bucket list:
snowballs (shaved ice @ the beach)
mini golf
little boy david day 
good time to mention the kids made up the list.
slip n slide
see winter the dolphin
put on a play
add a pulley & bucket to the fort
playdates with pals
sleepover at grandparents, almost nightly
write letters, mail letters
play in the garden
downtown disney
open gym at gymnastics
service activities
rays game
ride on grandpa johns boat
family dates
columbia in ybor city, see dinner show
food fight
swim at nanas
tie dye shirts 
(we splatter painted instead)
messy day

learning list:
count really high
another one of trent's requests
ride bike
learn address. birthday.
eating out of a lunchbox
making new friends
learn to swim
keep journal
no grumbling
using words
yes mam. no mam.
cleaning and cooking
praying skills

there are a few things we didn't tackle like learning to tie shoes and fishing on the seawall.
and there were a few extras we didn't plan on like giving up the fafa (pacifier) 
and the sweet love the two babes showed for each other.
they were inseparable!
my most favorite part were the long breakfasts.
not having to go anywhere. 

the summer was a super success.
I loved each day together and am so so thankful for this sweet time.