Monday, October 31, 2011

no tricks. just treats.

the day is finally here.

we couldn't be more excited.

our pumpkin shirts are made.

halloween hats crafted.

cool weather here.

pumpkin muffins baked ruined. it's now tradition.

we are ready for halloween night.

this year we are starting a new tradition.

reverse trick or treating

we packaged up (store bought) baked goodies.
homemade muffins just didn't happen. see above.

and packets of mulled cider.

and we will be taking the kids around our hood
to pass out treats to the neighbors.

a much sweeter take on trick-or-treating.

then when we return there will be some surprise goodies for the babes.
(wax lips. pumpkin pop rocks. and mom's birthday cake.)

perfect for kids with allergies and training those little hearts.

happy halloweenie ya'll.

Friday, October 28, 2011

brains + beauty.

today was day two of preschool halloween.

trent went as brains. the smarty pants nerd.

and then there was his sister.

in her finest dress up box attire, went as a pink princess.

a bit of a change from yesterday.

she posed.

she twirled.

she danced all around.

she smiled.

and giggled.

in her sparkly crown.

then my beauty. so sweet.

and my brains. such a hoot.

headed off to school.
looking totally cute.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

luke and leia go to school.

today was the first preschool halloween party.

meet trent skywalker.

who was as you can see totally into it.

and then there was his sister.

who was having a bit of a morning.

but totally adorable, none the less.

meet princess leia.

trent and lila
as luke and leia.

headed to school to defend the empire.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


6:40 wake up. next to two babes. someone's foot is on my head.

7:10 throw on my scarf. do lila's ponytail. help trent with shoes.

7:22 oatmeal made. draw hearts on hands. kiss cheeks. make tea.

7:55 miss children like crazy. call tom. try to figure out how kids made it in bed.

10:40 teach equivalent equations. a bit of a jump from kindergarten.

11:40 joy ride. headed to preschool pickup.

12:00 trent's teacher tells me he had a mummy dog. huh?
a bit stunned and completely heartbroken. I confess he never had a hot dog.
she reassures me it is all beef. I confess he never had beef.

12:02 call for moral support.

12:18 in carseat, lila sings abc's meets twinkle twinkle little star.
having the same tune really throws her off.

12:25 kids play hide and seek. 
(I don't know which is cuter lila counting or hollering "gotcha!") 

12:26 chickens are laying eggs. I cook the most nutritious lunch I can think of.

1:04 edelweiss and stay awake being whispered in tired ears.

1:10 laundry meets work.
over hot tea & mindy gledhill's winter moon.

1:18 break to check on sleeping babes.

3:45 long walk.
lila hollers at every spooky halloween decoration.

4:36 trent masters the eyes in the water move at swimming.
lila watches all the airplanes flying above.

5:06 group shower.
yea, we roll like that.

6:15 dinner in oven. boys off to dad's pumpkin carving night at school.

7:18 jammies. blankets. and the new winnie the pooh movie. 

8:02 serve boys second dinner.

8:28 more pumpkin carving at table.

8:48 clean floors. table. and faces.

8:56 light pumpkin. cheer for boys! tuck in time.

9:02 halloween storytime. counting blessings. prayers.

a good day.
a good night.
and a nicely carved pumpkin.

dairy free guide to halloween.

ever since trent's sad thanksgiving
I have loosened up on my ban of sugar. coloring. and artificial food rules.
well just for a few days a year.

we fill our mason jars with tangerine jelly belly's.

sour gummy pumpkins.

and candy corn. that's a vegetable right?

I can give you a whole post on why we love these.
and always have them on hand. no holiday needed.

Divvies has chocolate ghost.

for the kids class parties, I make up a box with 
orange or otherwise festive treats.

carrots and hummus.
cantaloupe (skipping this year)
ants on a log, with candy corn and raisins.
and babycakes pumpkin muffins.

we sip hooker tea fall classic.
yes it's decaf. 

or my new love, pear cider.

and for the pre trick or treating fuel up it's
white chicken chili. with roasted butternut squash and arugula salad.

for a very special treat, Udi's bakery makes cinnamon rolls.
perfect for a saturday morning pre-playground treat.

note: as a teacher, I would never recommend you give your child these before school.
and you're welcome teachers of america.

here's to a happy dairy free halloweenie!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

sundays best.

we just got home from new york city.

it was our first real trip away from the kids.

and boy are we happy to be home.

home sweet home.

I was quite homesick while we were away.
like crying. throwing up. homesick.

I missed everything about our home.

I missed the responsibilities of home. the routine.

and I missed our rowdy. whiny. runny nose children.

I missed our middle of the night ron de vous.

I missed smelling their sweet skin, and picking up their sweaty socks.

I missed the the after school kiss. snuggling on the couch. and tucking them in.

and the best part, he felt the same way.
minus the throwing up and crying part.

we had a great adventure.
but are so glad to be home.

dorothy was right,
there's no place like home.

pictures to come. but for now, there are clothes to be laundered, and cheeks to be kissed.