Sunday, October 23, 2011

sundays best.

we just got home from new york city.

it was our first real trip away from the kids.

and boy are we happy to be home.

home sweet home.

I was quite homesick while we were away.
like crying. throwing up. homesick.

I missed everything about our home.

I missed the responsibilities of home. the routine.

and I missed our rowdy. whiny. runny nose children.

I missed our middle of the night ron de vous.

I missed smelling their sweet skin, and picking up their sweaty socks.

I missed the the after school kiss. snuggling on the couch. and tucking them in.

and the best part, he felt the same way.
minus the throwing up and crying part.

we had a great adventure.
but are so glad to be home.

dorothy was right,
there's no place like home.

pictures to come. but for now, there are clothes to be laundered, and cheeks to be kissed.

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