Tuesday, October 18, 2011

sleep sweetly.

since trent was a babe, one of my most fave things to do is watch them sleep.

I must have 1000 pictures of my babes slumbering.

I love to watch them rest so soundly. so peaceful.

cuddled up with his fave monkey.

and her fave blankies.

I whisper in their ears.

and pray for them.

I miss them like crazy while they are slumbering.

but is is one of my most fave times of day.

and ever since trent was born, the same songs have filled the naptime air.

our sleep sweetly playlist::

fields of gold- eva cassidy
golden slumbers- mindy gledhill
baby mine- amy gileadi
my darling- ryan tanner
all the pretty little horses- becky jean williams
hush little baby- dominic moore
lullabye- haley gibby
when you wish upon a star- libbie linton
slumber my darling- marcus bently
brahms lullaby- mikel azpiroz
stay awake- mindy gledhill (lila's fave)
edelweiss- paul jacobsen (trent's fave)
twinkle twinkle- scott johnson
over the rainbow- faith hill
somewhere over the rainbow- isreal kamakawiwo'ole
the rainbow connection- sarah mclachlan


Brittany said...

What sweet pictures Love your blog : )

Ashly said...

really is there anything better than sleeping babies/children? I especially love how their lips get all puckered and fat. Is it so weird that I had to take a double take at that first picture of your daughter because it looked like my Cosette for a second. I swear I have a picture of her in that exact same pose wearing a white onesie like that with her big lips! Just getting caught up on your blog and loving every minute of it! Your house really is just beautiful and perfect in every way. Oh and I too made those snow globe mason jars with my kids. Such a fun craft, although definitely messy.