Monday, October 3, 2011

H Po.

thanks to some incredibly kind wizards at Hogwarts, 
I was able to surprise Tom with tickets to Harry Potter World.

You should know Tom is a huge fan.
He has read all the books (the night they hit shelves) 
and even read me the books while we were dating. 
H Po has a special place in our relationship.

We woke up super early. although I doubt he ever slept.

and headed out on our broomsticks.
just the two of us.

We rode all the rides, went in each store, and walked down every alleyway. 
We drank butterbeer and even made out in the castle. 
and when I saw this picture of us on the ride, I had to have it.
It captures the day so perfectly.
Me (the muggle on the right) a bit freaked out.
and Tom, just completely in awe. 

Thank you to the wonderful wizards who gifted us the tickets, 
you helped me earn some serious wife points!

and to Tom, my Dumbledork, I love you so.

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Rob Jordan said...

Tom makes me believe in magic.