Friday, March 30, 2012

ski school prep.

learning how to ski for the first time can be a bit spooky.

but dad made sure to give trent a good pep talk.
similar to mom's pep rallies. minus the loud music and fist pumping.

and that made our boy feel much better.

he had all the right threads and gear.

and even got the lay of the land with the trail map.

he had all the right prepping and pepping up.
and many many prayers from his mama.

and then he was off to ski school. and we couldn't have been more proud!

seriously, Dad was really really proud!

Friday, March 23, 2012

the station.

this is the kiddos new station.

it's next to our big table and perfect for projects. games. and crafts.

new washable markers.
they always bring a smile to my face.

twistable crayons. genius.

pencils. pens. safety scissors. and glue.

the three drawers have:
blank paper. colored paper. and scrap paper.
bins of stickers. assorted pads. office supplies. and coloring books.
and magazines & other collage material.

the station is simple enough for the kids to be able to work on their own.
but interesting enough for me to want to sit and play with them.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

mob the mules.

in case you didn't know the hubs is a real softball star.

and we recently gathered a big group of fans to cheer them on, go mules!

this one, certain of her daddy's star status, 
did not take her eyes off the big game.

there for the game.

there for the bubble gum.

so proud of you #92,
and go mules!
congratulations on 50 seasons of muleball!

Monday, March 19, 2012

first campout.

his sleeping bag packed. flashlight. washcloth. and jammies.

the big day was finally here, trent's preschool backyard campout.
in his very own teacher's backyard, none the less!

the tent assignments were made. the snacks were packed.

the weather was perfect for an all night campout.

his gigi was sweet enough to drop him off,
there's some things this mother is just not capable of.

and just like that, he waved gigi goodbye, and had the best night ever.
now if only I could have been that brave.

I'm so proud of you buggy.
and Mrs. Shoaf, you are officially the coolest. teacher. ever.

Friday, March 16, 2012

pep rally.

it's friday, and in the burket house that means pep rally day.

after a hardworking week, some of us need some extra love.

and I always fancied being a cheerleader and never was, so it fits.

friday morning pep rallies have lots of cheering.
way to go! you worked so hard! you learned letter "u"! and shared your legos!

I praise both babes for their hard work, obedience, and examples of love they showed.

and then we get in the car (with chocolate banana protein shakes).
roll down the windows. and blare black eyed peas "lets get it started".

happy happy friday!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

go tigers.

it's that time of year again.

for friday nights at the field. and hootin' and hollering!

a few changes this season: new team = go tigers!

new color: big red!

and new coach: the hubs!

and we've got best buddy on the team: go brayden!

but with all the changes, much is still the same.

little miss, is still cheering on the sidelines.
and insisting on wearing soccer socks.

and trent is still sporting the biggest smile on the field.
making his mama so proud!

go #7!

and go tigers!

love, your biggest fan

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

naptime craft.

it's no secret, sundays are the best.

and sunday afternoons are perfect for nap time crafts.
naps for the boys and babes.
and crafts for the moms.

we settled on making terrariums and gathered glass vessels, of all sizes.
but big enough to easily fit your hand.

and gathered all kinds of little plants, succulents, with different colors and textures.
but not the spidery looking ones with fur!

a layer of rock, then good dirt, packed and leveled.

place the plants.

biggest plant first, and not in the center is best.

add moss and rocks for color.

and place where it can get a good bit of sunshine.

would be great fun with kids too,
but makes a perfect nap time craft with your bestie.

our only misstep was picking plants that don't really need watering.
our mothering instincts love nurturing (and over watering)
so we are guessing our terrariums will live 3 weeks max.
I suppose it's the perfect excuse for another sunday nap time craft.
...when we have to remake our terrariums.