Tuesday, March 6, 2012

naptime craft.

it's no secret, sundays are the best.

and sunday afternoons are perfect for nap time crafts.
naps for the boys and babes.
and crafts for the moms.

we settled on making terrariums and gathered glass vessels, of all sizes.
but big enough to easily fit your hand.

and gathered all kinds of little plants, succulents, with different colors and textures.
but not the spidery looking ones with fur!

a layer of rock, then good dirt, packed and leveled.

place the plants.

biggest plant first, and not in the center is best.

add moss and rocks for color.

and place where it can get a good bit of sunshine.

would be great fun with kids too,
but makes a perfect nap time craft with your bestie.

our only misstep was picking plants that don't really need watering.
our mothering instincts love nurturing (and over watering)
so we are guessing our terrariums will live 3 weeks max.
I suppose it's the perfect excuse for another sunday nap time craft.
...when we have to remake our terrariums.

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