Tuesday, January 31, 2012

pretty special.

my sweet love. do you know you are pretty special?

God made you. with his very own hands.

and let me assure you. he does. not. make. mistakes.

he made your chubby little toes.

and your precious little hands, to do his work.

he made your big eyes brown.

and your curls quite messy.

he even gave you cute short legs and a nice round bottom.

God did not make any mistakes when he made you.

and that my love, is what makes you pretty in the most special way.
may you always remember you are more than pretty.
you are pretty special.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

smoothie smoothers.

banana smoothie smoothers are our go to for an upset tummy.

banana. rice milk. grated ginger. ice. and a bit of agave.

perfect for nervous tummies. tummy bugs. and growing bellies.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

letter m.

the preschool went on a field trip to mcdonalds for letter m week.
so we played hookie, with dad's permission of course.

and celebrated letter m with mom day.

little miss loved it.

and so did my little man.

there is so much to do.

so much fun to be had.
working on dance moves is a must.

this place was made for little ones.

and is quite marvelous in our book.

got me thinking of all kinds of letter celebrations.

n no school day.
p playground hopping day.
s snuggle day.

Monday, January 23, 2012

clean up your legos.

have you ever stepped on a lego piece?

it only took one time and I was looking for the perfect storage solution.

in pain fury I looked around our house. and found a stack of these.

pepsi crates are like mason jars here. for anything and everything.

some even have compartments for organizing. love.

harry potter. star wars. 
and pieces we can't figure out where they belong.

lila even has one for animals.

they fit in with the rest of our home.

and can easily be transported to the table. or porch for play.

and when it's time to clean up...
it either goes in the crate. or in the trash.
and instantly the problem of little legos left on the floor, solved.

note: I cut little squares of cardboard to put inside the crates so no pieces fell threw the cracks.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

first haircut.

lila went for her very first haircut.

and she sat like this the entire time.

like such a little lady.

she sat in her pink tutu. barefoot.

and watched everything in the big mirror.

eating a lilapop, of course.

the whole thing was right up her alley.

and now for the big reveal...

a spunky little bob for a spunky little girl.

quite fitting indeed.

my sweet lila, I love your messy curls more than ever.

thank you ms. kara. you have yet another big fan.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


so if your family is like ours. and picture posing is a challenge.

as evidenced by our wedding pictures. 
where my hubs made the above face in all the pictures.

may I suggest the jump.

it's that simple. one. two. three.


even the fall is good.

it's great for big kids. and little kids.

and a good laugh.

or two. 
(clearly he laughs just like his mama.)

and yes honey, I am totally impressed.