Tuesday, January 31, 2012

pretty special.

my sweet love. do you know you are pretty special?

God made you. with his very own hands.

and let me assure you. he does. not. make. mistakes.

he made your chubby little toes.

and your precious little hands, to do his work.

he made your big eyes brown.

and your curls quite messy.

he even gave you cute short legs and a nice round bottom.

God did not make any mistakes when he made you.

and that my love, is what makes you pretty in the most special way.
may you always remember you are more than pretty.
you are pretty special.


kaleigh said...

love love love, and pretty special she is!!!

Aunt Jan said...

Love the specialness!

Courtney said...

such a sweet post. I am going to remind my loves how special they are as well...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Well this is beauty.All Kids are looking in Diapers very cute :)