Friday, July 27, 2012

how to make a zipline.

trent has been drawing up plans for a zipline. 

and after his first trip to the dentist, he finally had all the tools he needed.

first, you build some kind of cool lego thing to soar threw the air.

then you need some tape. and floss. hence the dentist visit.

tape floss to the wall and string it across the room.

attach handcuffs to the floss. and tape the lego creation to the handcuffs.

allow your sister to help by taping random objects to the wall.

start the lego handcuff rocket creation at the top and let it soar!

coolest kids ever!

winter in summer.

a couple weeks ago, my bestie and I took our kiddos to see winter.

you know winter right?

well, not only did we get to see winter.

we got to see other rescue dolphins. turtles. and fish.

and stingrays.

and sharks!

but of all the attractions, the kiddos were most excited just to see their buds.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

five year old trent.

on the car ride home from lego land we let trent play with the iPad.

and he found the camera app. clearly.

a few days ago, I discovered his pictures. and smiled. ok, and cried!

they capture him so perfectly.

five year old trent is so full of life.

he is silly. adventurous. and thoughtful.

he likes jumping off of stairs. riding over thrill hill. and anything that glows in the dark.

he loves legos. and little guys. you know lego men. star wars guys. all of them.

he adores his sister, and even eats his chicken to get her into eating it.

his dream day would be to watch the parent trap. eat chocolate. and sleep on our floor.

he wakes up early each day and starts making things.
he said he took this to look like he was sunshine.

usually it's little books cut out in heart shapes. with "mom & trent" written on it.

I've been madly in love with him for five years now, 
but I think of all the years five year old trent may be the coolest yet!

mr. five year old trent, I love you so.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

the food fight.

after a full 364 days of planning his 5th birthday party.
he finally decided on a backyard food fight.

and I'd say it was the happiest choice he ever made.

happy whipped cream covered birthday buggy!

Friday, July 6, 2012

the fifth.

our sweet trent turned five on the fifth.
and all of his guys were there to wish him happy birthday when he woke up.

we love celebrating kiddos birthdays because it means they are alive and growing.

and it also means that we get to have a ridiculously fun day.

doing whatever. yes whatever. it is our little one wants to do.

we spent the first three hours at lego land. 
and if you know us, that is a burket theme park longest record. 

just enough time to ride two crazy roller coasters. drool over the mini land. and hit up the water park.
before the heat and crowds arrived.

then we were off to downtown disney for lunch at rainforest cafe.

and a box full of delicious treats from baby cakes.

we topped the night off with a spaghetti dinner with family.
and a giant slumber party in mom & dads room.

happy birthday to the world's coolest five year old!
love, mom & dad

ps. kuddos to dad for the mad instagram skills!