Wednesday, July 18, 2012

five year old trent.

on the car ride home from lego land we let trent play with the iPad.

and he found the camera app. clearly.

a few days ago, I discovered his pictures. and smiled. ok, and cried!

they capture him so perfectly.

five year old trent is so full of life.

he is silly. adventurous. and thoughtful.

he likes jumping off of stairs. riding over thrill hill. and anything that glows in the dark.

he loves legos. and little guys. you know lego men. star wars guys. all of them.

he adores his sister, and even eats his chicken to get her into eating it.

his dream day would be to watch the parent trap. eat chocolate. and sleep on our floor.

he wakes up early each day and starts making things.
he said he took this to look like he was sunshine.

usually it's little books cut out in heart shapes. with "mom & trent" written on it.

I've been madly in love with him for five years now, 
but I think of all the years five year old trent may be the coolest yet!

mr. five year old trent, I love you so.

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