Friday, July 6, 2012

the fifth.

our sweet trent turned five on the fifth.
and all of his guys were there to wish him happy birthday when he woke up.

we love celebrating kiddos birthdays because it means they are alive and growing.

and it also means that we get to have a ridiculously fun day.

doing whatever. yes whatever. it is our little one wants to do.

we spent the first three hours at lego land. 
and if you know us, that is a burket theme park longest record. 

just enough time to ride two crazy roller coasters. drool over the mini land. and hit up the water park.
before the heat and crowds arrived.

then we were off to downtown disney for lunch at rainforest cafe.

and a box full of delicious treats from baby cakes.

we topped the night off with a spaghetti dinner with family.
and a giant slumber party in mom & dads room.

happy birthday to the world's coolest five year old!
love, mom & dad

ps. kuddos to dad for the mad instagram skills!

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