Wednesday, June 27, 2012

best oatmeal ever.

we love oatmeal. 

well. it got a summer makeover.

peaches and cream oatmeal:

bob's red mill gluten free oats
cover with water, about an inch above.
add vanilla. salt. cinnamon.
and stevia.
add fresh sliced peaches.
make sure you smell them 
at the store to get the best ones.
cover with cold rice milk.
and a good bit of good maple syrup.

best oatmeal ever.
one day we ate it for all three meals.

Monday, June 25, 2012

weeki wachee.

we celebrated our gigi's birthday with a mini adventure trip to week wachee.

weeki wachee is a
with rules like no running. no t backs. no cussing. and no boom boxes.

our hearts desire was to make it in time for the big mermaid show.

something our gigi remembers doing as a little girl.

and just as we thought. little miss was in total awe.
she loves mermaids.

she even got to take her picture with one.

we saw alligators and snakes in the reptile show.

and then hopped on a boat for a river cruise.

it was beautiful.

there were fish. a manatee. and a bald eagle nest. 

we were all in awe.

it was a perfect day.

a great summer adventure.
and super way to celebrate our gigi.

not pictured: 
trent and I swimming in the freezing cold spring water 
and a manatee coming up right alongside of us.
so cool! literally.

four and five.

from shaving cream in the shower to
first frenchies with aunt neffers.
we loved every minute of it. 

not pictured from weeks 4 & 5:
sweet grandma pat's celebration of life. 
a week of vbs setup.
and haircuts for both kids.
happy summer! 

Monday, June 18, 2012

disney day.

we love disney. and we love disney in really small doses.

so mom and I surprised the kiddos for one day, just 24 hours.

we skipped the parks and opted for downtown disney.

it has a lego store & our very favorite treats at baby cakes.

it was drizzling which means less heat, less crowds, and curlier hair.

we swam in the best hotel pool ever. in the dark. well after bedtime.

and then rose the next morning with another surprise.

cartoons and breakfast. 

with some favorite friends!



and gonald as miss lila calls him.

it was a perfect little getaway.

and we were home before we got worn out. homesick. and hubbysick.

not pictured:
fireworks on the bridge. arcade games. 
and one of the most fun places we've ever eaten.

Friday, June 15, 2012

two and three.

weeks two and three of summer not pictured was: 
charlie and the chocolate factory (the book and both movies). 
a bluegrass-lego playdate to bid henry goodbye before his big move to texas. 
and of course, lots more popsicles.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

bless the summer.

I have big hopes & dreams for our summer together.

It's no secret to me, how precious this time is.

 I want to soak up their little personalities.

all the goofy silly things they say and do.

and help them grow into the people God intended.

I hope to show them unconditional love.

and how to pray. and give thanks.

I hope they notice me doing my bible study.

and they way I serve their daddy.

I pinch myself each morning, and thank God for this gift.

and pray these days will be used to grow & love like crazy.

God bless the summer.