Monday, June 18, 2012

disney day.

we love disney. and we love disney in really small doses.

so mom and I surprised the kiddos for one day, just 24 hours.

we skipped the parks and opted for downtown disney.

it has a lego store & our very favorite treats at baby cakes.

it was drizzling which means less heat, less crowds, and curlier hair.

we swam in the best hotel pool ever. in the dark. well after bedtime.

and then rose the next morning with another surprise.

cartoons and breakfast. 

with some favorite friends!



and gonald as miss lila calls him.

it was a perfect little getaway.

and we were home before we got worn out. homesick. and hubbysick.

not pictured:
fireworks on the bridge. arcade games. 
and one of the most fun places we've ever eaten.

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