Monday, June 25, 2012

weeki wachee.

we celebrated our gigi's birthday with a mini adventure trip to week wachee.

weeki wachee is a
with rules like no running. no t backs. no cussing. and no boom boxes.

our hearts desire was to make it in time for the big mermaid show.

something our gigi remembers doing as a little girl.

and just as we thought. little miss was in total awe.
she loves mermaids.

she even got to take her picture with one.

we saw alligators and snakes in the reptile show.

and then hopped on a boat for a river cruise.

it was beautiful.

there were fish. a manatee. and a bald eagle nest. 

we were all in awe.

it was a perfect day.

a great summer adventure.
and super way to celebrate our gigi.

not pictured: 
trent and I swimming in the freezing cold spring water 
and a manatee coming up right alongside of us.
so cool! literally.

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