Wednesday, January 25, 2012

letter m.

the preschool went on a field trip to mcdonalds for letter m week.
so we played hookie, with dad's permission of course.

and celebrated letter m with mom day.

little miss loved it.

and so did my little man.

there is so much to do.

so much fun to be had.
working on dance moves is a must.

this place was made for little ones.

and is quite marvelous in our book.

got me thinking of all kinds of letter celebrations.

n no school day.
p playground hopping day.
s snuggle day.


The Olsen Family said...

How fun! Spending a day with mom at the museum is sooo much better than McDonalds! I'm sure your children will never forget M day! :)

Jeremy, Holly, Haven and Jovie said...

wow, they went to mcdonalds?! i'm surprised that would be the choice for preschoolers. museums are always fun!

Cheryl E. said...

Oh my goodness your family is so precious! I love your blog. I found your through Crispin's blog and just realized your guys were in or from the St. Pete area. So you have a new follower :)

Can you email your email address I want to ask you some questions regarding your Lilapops :) My email is