Thursday, January 26, 2012

smoothie smoothers.

banana smoothie smoothers are our go to for an upset tummy.

banana. rice milk. grated ginger. ice. and a bit of agave.

perfect for nervous tummies. tummy bugs. and growing bellies.


Saby said...

Those look yummy! Hey (it's Sabrina) just wanted to let you know the girls LOVED the Lilapops! I still can't convince them they are "medicine". My stubborn and very outspoken 4 year old just shakes her head at me (there may be an eye roll in there too) and informs me "No, mom this is candy"! They are a hit!!

sheridan said...

This is so cool! Did you make this recipe up or find it somewhere?

leslie burket. said...

sheridan. I made it up.

leslie burket. said...

saby. yea. yea. yea. xoxo