Tuesday, October 25, 2011

dairy free guide to halloween.

ever since trent's sad thanksgiving
I have loosened up on my ban of sugar. coloring. and artificial food rules.
well just for a few days a year.

we fill our mason jars with tangerine jelly belly's.

sour gummy pumpkins.

and candy corn. that's a vegetable right?

I can give you a whole post on why we love these.
and always have them on hand. no holiday needed.

Divvies has chocolate ghost.

for the kids class parties, I make up a box with 
orange or otherwise festive treats.

carrots and hummus.
cantaloupe (skipping this year)
ants on a log, with candy corn and raisins.
and babycakes pumpkin muffins.

we sip hooker tea fall classic.
yes it's decaf. 

or my new love, pear cider.

and for the pre trick or treating fuel up it's
white chicken chili. with roasted butternut squash and arugula salad.

for a very special treat, Udi's bakery makes cinnamon rolls.
perfect for a saturday morning pre-playground treat.

note: as a teacher, I would never recommend you give your child these before school.
and you're welcome teachers of america.

here's to a happy dairy free halloweenie!

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