Tuesday, October 25, 2011


6:40 wake up. next to two babes. someone's foot is on my head.

7:10 throw on my scarf. do lila's ponytail. help trent with shoes.

7:22 oatmeal made. draw hearts on hands. kiss cheeks. make tea.

7:55 miss children like crazy. call tom. try to figure out how kids made it in bed.

10:40 teach equivalent equations. a bit of a jump from kindergarten.

11:40 joy ride. headed to preschool pickup.

12:00 trent's teacher tells me he had a mummy dog. huh?
a bit stunned and completely heartbroken. I confess he never had a hot dog.
she reassures me it is all beef. I confess he never had beef.

12:02 call for moral support.

12:18 in carseat, lila sings abc's meets twinkle twinkle little star.
having the same tune really throws her off.

12:25 kids play hide and seek. 
(I don't know which is cuter lila counting or hollering "gotcha!") 

12:26 chickens are laying eggs. I cook the most nutritious lunch I can think of.

1:04 edelweiss and stay awake being whispered in tired ears.

1:10 laundry meets work.
over hot tea & mindy gledhill's winter moon.

1:18 break to check on sleeping babes.

3:45 long walk.
lila hollers at every spooky halloween decoration.

4:36 trent masters the eyes in the water move at swimming.
lila watches all the airplanes flying above.

5:06 group shower.
yea, we roll like that.

6:15 dinner in oven. boys off to dad's pumpkin carving night at school.

7:18 jammies. blankets. and the new winnie the pooh movie. 

8:02 serve boys second dinner.

8:28 more pumpkin carving at table.

8:48 clean floors. table. and faces.

8:56 light pumpkin. cheer for boys! tuck in time.

9:02 halloween storytime. counting blessings. prayers.

a good day.
a good night.
and a nicely carved pumpkin.

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