Saturday, December 17, 2011

burkets go ice skating.

tis the season for nights filled with festive family fun.

some nights are little things and some nights are big.

this night was a big adventure.

we took the kiddos downtown for ice skating.

or whatever kind of ice skating it is that we do in Florida.

we, of course, donned our gay apparel, and real ice skates!

they were so so so excited to give ice skating a go.

so excited, in fact, he ran smack into a pole, the north pole.
before we even got started.

after getting our skates, and a bit of medical attention,
the boys were off.

gliding ever so gracefully across the ice. first with one hand.

and then holding on for dear life with both.

as soon as he found out that falling down was part of it, 
he was

so dad came back for his girl.

she giggled. and kept hollering "heeeeeeey!"

and just held on for the ride.

mr. cool as ice.

miss. snow cute.

a joyful night indeed.

giggles floating across the ice.

and filling the air with good cheer.

a fave night of firsts.

then we walked to see the downtown lights. 

and caught a glimpse of a man in a red suit, 
that she was quite certain, was a princess.

tis the season.

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