Thursday, December 29, 2011

the gift.

a true gift is not something you can give yourself.

it has to be given by someone special.

it may not come from a mall. store. or site.

but it comes from the heart,

and has the givers prints. thoughts. and love all over it. 

a true gift brings no sadness. stress. or bad feelings.

but sweet joy to the getter.

and to the giver. 

thank you dear lila, my happiest little giver.

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Cayla Traviesa said...


I heard about your blog from Tricia Hornsby! Your home and fam are beautiful. I'm in the market for an SLR camera and am leaning towards the canon rebel...but am asking around to try and decide. Your pics are awesome! I would love to find out what camera you shoot with and what lenses you use most. If you have a free minute, my email is I would truly appreciate it!

Thanks and Happy New Year!!

Cayla Traviesa