Wednesday, November 9, 2011

the big apple.

we just got back from our first real trip away.

we. as in us. mom and dad. no kiddos.

it was our honeymoon. kates birthday. and an adventure to say the least.

the weather was bright. blue. and beautiful.

we walked. talked. and ate. for four days. 

we saw wall street. statue of liberty. and where the novogratz live.

we walked the high line. and ran central park, surely our fave part.

we saw kelly. josh groban. and the worlds largest pumpkin.

and then we even scored some hero time with mandy.

we went to the met. and earned our art appreciation badges.

two masterpieces.

we felt on top of the world. at the top of the met.

we liked just sitting and watching life in new york.

but enjoyed just being together more than anything.

in all the craziness of life and new york. 

I am just so happy I have him. as my husband.

and that we got to go home. 
to our house. our babies.
and be a family.

for as yummy. exciting. and shiny as new york is.
there is no place quite like home.
where things aren't so fine. fast paced. or fancy.

happy honeymoon. happier to be home.

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Crispin said...

awwwww looks like you guys had a blast!!!!! did you try any of my suggestions? Did ya'll find any new haunts?? We're going in December and would LOOOVEEE to hear about the fun places you found :)