Wednesday, November 2, 2011


yesterday my grannie died.
it was her 85th birthday.

I am so happy for her, 
and thankful for the life she lived.

She was a blessing to our family,
and all who knew her.

She was a strong and faithful woman.
Who lived for the lord, 
and loved her boys, 
my papa. my daddy. my uncle. and my husband.

I shared with her a church pew,
a love for painting, and a

She was the first to tell you you'd done wrong.
and the first to tell you'd done good.

She talked about how to dress, how to be a fun wife, 
and how to keep life simple.

She was not afraid to die.
She was excited to see my Papa again.
Promising, it was never the same since he passed.

I wear her wedding ring as my own,
and treasure the example she bestowed.

The last thing she said to me,
"don't give your husband a hard time"
and then assured tom that she would be watching him.
With a stiff glare and a smirk of a smile. 
true grannie style.

she was a hoot.
and wonderfully adored.

before she died, 
she wanted the kids to have her wigs.
and of course we obliged, we're burkets.

we will likely wear them for our 
as trent is calling it,"Qui-gon Jinn celebration"
(star wars speak for final celebration)

so, I'm off to don a wig, light a candle, 
and have some great laughs with family remembering grannie.

"let your little light shine"
- grannie

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Melissa C. said...

Leslie, I loved your grannie and am sorry she passed but happy she is with your Papa again. I know she has missed him. I will miss her directness (if that is a word?)and her humor. What a lovely lady! I enjoyed seeing her every Tuesday at the ladies class and her starting every conversation with "Now, Melissa" and then telling me how it needed to be! I miss that.