Tuesday, June 28, 2011

little girl room.

not quite baby, and most certainly not big girl.

miss lila was in need of a few boosters to her nursery.

but we treaded lightly for those who might get emotional (mom).

a cozy corner for rocking and reading.

a stack of some favorite books is a mainstay.

a cradle that serves as a catchall for her purse. blankies. and babies.

the perfect combination of baby and little girl.
much easier than when I had to take down her mobile, 
I must've sat in the attic 20 minutes tearing over that.

not pictured: her crib in the other corner.

1 comment:

The Salty Dogs said...

Beautifully done! This was just the motivation I needed to update my little guy's room. Just as soon as I recover from his first haircut this morning.