Wednesday, February 8, 2012

the potty princess.

I told lila I would take her to disney once she learned to use the potty.

within a week she was potty trained and we were disney bound.

it was wishful thinking.

but made perfect sense to our aptly named, potty princess. 

and I must credit prince charming here.
he was her motivator. reminder and rewarder.

we watched the castle show.

in complete awe.

and pure delight.

she wore her disney pillowcase dress, thank you gigi.

and was quite certain that every woman. waitress. and worker was a princess.
the fairy godmother however insisted on correcting her.

but in my sweet lila's defense. she is right.

and prince's.

he made us special, remember?

and so smart.

and I loved taking a day to celebrate that.

and big thanks and love to the special disney princess, miss a, 
who let us in her magic kingdom for the day.
it was all things magical.

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