Wednesday, February 15, 2012

valentine days.

valentines day has turned into valentine days.

which is perfectly fine with me.

for I am positively certain,  I have the best valentines.

and stuffing love into one little day, will simply not suffice.

it started a week ago, with post office field trips.

some walked.

some rode.

but every little made and mailed a valentine to mom & dad.

even the big kids played cupid at the post.

then little miss celebrated with two parties.

two year olds + valentines = too cute

and on the big day, the four year olds partied.

praying together.
they know the secret to love already.

and playing together.
the other secret.

it was perfectly plain to see, love was everywhere.

in cards.

and hearts.

and homemade valentines.

in blue.

and pink.

and all shapes and sizes.

and filled with love.
especially the valentine trent left on my bed, 
 a handdrawn picture of kelly ripa with a heart.
the best valentine days ever.

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