Tuesday, February 28, 2012

not so bored books.

trent has become quite the little author & illustrator. 
a perk to being stuck inside for 2 weeks with a sick baby sister.

he lives for new markers. blank board books. and endless free time.

creating tons of little books for friends. family. 
and this one, for his teacher.

First, he brainstorms. Things his teacher loves. (certainly my favorite part) 
"there's parties..."

"oh and she loves preschool."

"and she really likes America."

"and her family of course." 
(with her two granddaughters in matching plaid dresses)

"And I love Mrs. Shoaf" 

the perfect ending.


Saby said...

Okay this is an awesome idea! Can you share where you got the blank board books? My daughter would LOVE this activity!

leslie burket. said...

yes, totally should've mentioned that!
they are from www.darlybird.com.
(which you will totally love!)