Thursday, February 16, 2012

family beach date.

we received the best valentines day present ever.

we're not the pearls. perfume. or platinum type crew mind you.

the hubs played hookie and took us all for a family beach date.

we like family dates for zillions of reasons.

the hubs and I think it's important to have times of serious. focused. love and fun.

and are pretty sure the little ones agree.

we talk and talk. and listen.

and spend quality time snuggling and giggling.

oh, and there's lots of kissing on family dates too.

dear valentines, you make my heart shine like the sun.
thanks for a great family beach date.


-Sarah- said...

beautiful family! wheres ur kids swimsuits from?

leslie burket. said...

thanks sarah,
I think they are darling!
they are from mini boden.