Monday, September 6, 2010

the night before preschool.

in less than twelve hours
my sweet trent
will officially be a preschooler.
our house is electric with excitement.
but I find myself sipping ginger ale
and having constant conversation with my God.

my prayer is that he will be a light in his school.
a joy. a good listener. a good friend.
and obey. 
that he will share. and laugh. 
and eat only the dairy free food I am sending along.
that he will remember to use the potty. and wash his hands.
that he will keep his clothes on.
and that he will find the awesomeness in learning. 
is that a word? if not. it should be.
and most of all. remember everything that happens. 
so he can share with me as soon as I get home.


Anonymous said...

Happy First Day of Preschool Trent!

Ginger said...

1st day part 1

We bought the flowers for the teacher and discussed what Mommy had talked about - Sharing, learning, listening - then we played ISpy all the way to school. He walked in, gave Gigi and Chippy big hugs and kisses and that was it (except for the lump in Gigi's throat). And 2 hours later I remember that I forgot to show him the bathroom.

Ginger said...

1st day part 2

He loved it! The only two names of his new friends that he
remembered were Lauren and Caroline! His favorite part was the playground. I was glad to see him in the same clothes in came in. I guess he found the bathroom. We walked back to my office until Chippy picked him up. It doesn't get any better than this!