Thursday, September 30, 2010

how to do cousins camp.

1. game night is mandatory.
all ages included.
trent won apples to apples. fair and square.

2. good food.
chili bar.
and multiple trips to the ice cream barn & gelato store.
on the same day.

3.tire swinging.

4. trip to the playground.
we let trent play till he asked to go home.
I always wanted to do that.

5. presents. 
toy story book puppets for trent.
and little dresses and leggings for lila.
books for mom and dad.

6. crafts.
sorry uncle randy.

7. playing hooky from work.

8. laughing. (this should be no.1)
thanks to the best youtube has to offer. 

9. talking. lounging. loving.

the only thing we will change about next time, 
is to make it longer.

thanks heroes. and greats.
we love you.

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