Wednesday, September 29, 2010

all in a name.

we've had a great week.

the heroes came in to town.
well, those are our cousins, rob & mandy.
when trent was born they were faced with what trent would call them.
not cousin. not aunt or uncle.
those just didn't seem to fit.
so they mutually decided on hero.
hero rob. hero mandy.

it couldn't be more fitting.
the above picture is my babies waiting by the window,
for the heroes to land.

more on cousins camp with the heroes to come...

1 comment:

Rob Jordan said...

We had a blast at Cousins Camp this week. :)

I also thought it would be good for everyone reading to know that the name "Hero" was a sarcastic name we gave ourselves and it just stuck. The real heroes are all the people who play a role in Trent and Lila's lives on a daily basis, loving them, raising them and teaching them how to be good people. We just pop in every now and then and spoil them. :)