Wednesday, August 25, 2010

school night craft.

trent and I were in need of some qt.
and he wanted to make an impromptu craft.
so between dinner and bed we made bookmarks.
leftover tags from our craft box.
pictures cut from those free digital picture indexes.
sequins. or farkles as trent calls them.
and some bits of ribbon.
he then had me write special messages for their recipients
"thank you Jesus" "I love you" and "kachiga" 
(the noise the Chick Hicks makes in the cartoon Cars).
a little mess. a little time. a lot of fun.


Lisapstewart said...

Hi! I saw your son's party on sara's party perfect & have been enjoying reading your blog. I also have a 3 year old son & love the bookmark craft! Your "day in the life" photos are so precious...anyway the reason I am writing is to ask you about your upholstered headboard. Where did you buy it or did you make it?
Thanks, Lisa

yayaburket said...

Lisa, thanks.
I did make it.
quite easy.
a piece of fiberboard. (home depot)
cover in batting. ( I used adhesive spray)
staple gun to adhere fabric. (from calico corners)
(my mom sewed the fabric in two panels
since the bed was wider than the fabric).
let me know if you have any more question.
thanks again. lb

Anonymous said...

I love the bookmark crafts, simple fun and useful! I really like the idea of using the little pictures! My Daughter (3.5) loves to make them for her gramps, he gets about 2 a week. Will have to "borrow" that idea for sure