Wednesday, August 11, 2010


little miss lila is 11.99 months old.
in just over a day my sweet baby will be one.
and technically a toddler.

I got upset when we moved to size 3 pampers.
size 1 and 2 have baby elmo. baby big bird. baby cookie.
and then comes size 3.
 big kid elmo. big kid big bird. big cookie.
don't you know we returned and bought size 2
and squeezed her chubby little bottom back in for another month.

I cried in target when I went to shop for pajamas.
I looked and looked for baby ones.
and do you know what 12 month pajamas look like at target?
no onepiece. no pastels. no footies.

I love babies.
I love everything baby.
especially this baby.
and I know it sounds weird but I feel like I am mourning a loss.
I know she will get bigger and that is such a blessing
but little miss 11.99 month old baby lila will be a face I wont always be able to see. 
A drooly slobbery mouth I wont always be able to kiss. 
Chubby legs I wont always be able to rub sunscreen on and in.
you have to get in all the rolls.

and thats a big  reason I do this blog.
So that I can capture these little things.
These moments. smells. noises. and feelings that are our everyday life.
It is so easy to let it all slip by.
Blogging gives you the chance to really enjoy. capture. and relive 
all the daily blessings.
Our life is a sweet reality.
This year has been so filled.
and we are so so grateful.
and as sad as I am about having my baby grow up on me.
I cant wait to see what God has in store for her.
and what she is going to do next.

I finished her scrapbook yesterday.
I scrapbook only the first year.
and the last page is my hope for her...

lila, fall so madly and deeply in love with God.
and the rest will all work itself out.
love, mom

ps. you will always be my baby.


Ginger said...

From one baby to another and another... Sweet words for Lila and for everyone. Thank you for reminding us. Love you my baby - Mom.

katie t said...

LOVE your blog and found it through blogher....awesome :)

my name is katie and i promise i am not a stalker...hahaha

come take a look at ours if you'd like...

Maureen said...

That is beautiful...