Friday, August 13, 2010

little miss one year old.

meet little miss one year old.
you can usually find her
sitting by the back door hanging with the dog.
or eating blueberries. peaches. and watermelon.
she loves dancing. hollering.
and playing with her matryoshka dolls.
she no longer cries when we she goes to sunday school.
and is crazy about her daddy.
she smells like sweet milk.
and has hair long enough for a bow.
she is full of sugar.
and our favorite baby.

happy first birthday lilabelle.
we are all so in love.


the glover gang said...

i came across your blog through a friend of mine and you just have the most precious little family! happy birthday to your little love!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday to your sweet little girl! I found your blog through party perfect and have enjoyed reading your sweet posts! Love your style and your family is precious!