Monday, July 5, 2010

weekend update.

tom took me to see sting. I have two confessions:
1. I really love sting. and got weepy when I first saw him.
2. I totally want to be a backup singer. seriously.

sunday we had a deers. beers. and america party 
for paul's 30th birthday.
we had our own very short parade. 
and a very long rain.
and called it an early night.

tom and I did sparklers. on the porch.
and I was in bed. with my almost three year old.
to watch fireworks on the tv.
(tom lets us cuddle all night before his birthday. and he takes the couch)
we looked at his baby pictures 
and laughed about how funny chippy looked with a mustache.
and much like his mother. he was quite too excited about his birthday to fall asleep.

 and yes. trent flung the shorts and played in the rain.
this kid always has the best time.
hope you did too.

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