Tuesday, July 13, 2010

family date.

we took the kids on a family date this weekend.
to nearby anna maria island.

we sat outside. seaside.
which explains why we felt it ok for trent to have his feet on the table.
the goal here is not perfecting manners. there is another time for that.
this is pure enjoyment, relaxing, and loving up on each other.

the food was great.

the entertainment was great.

and after dinner. in true burket style.
trent ditched his ketchup stained threads.
and ran for the waves.

and we even got to try out our new camera.
look at miss lila crawl. she looks like a baby sea turtle.
we decided to have a set family night out each week. 
tuesdays. mark your calendar.


Ginger said...

I love it! She does look like a grand sea turtle heading out to the water!

Eugenia Woods said...


Elly said...

love it! and you decribed it right! She does look like a a sea turtle. I love how you can see Trent playing in the distance!
Love you guys!