Wednesday, July 14, 2010

little miss 11 months

is getting so big. so fast.
she dances when she hears music.
and likes to point her little finger. 
and touch fingers E.T. style.

she has quite the cackle.
she laughs when her brother shouts. jumps. falls. sings. 
or even looks at her long enough.

she crawls to the back door and yells what sounds like "God"
to get maddie's attention.

she is such a little lady. 
she points her toes (and shows off her tan lines from her chubby creases)
she squeals. and can always be seen wearing a sundress. with leggings.
just one thing. 
she finds it hysterical when she toots.
excuse you sweet lilabelle.
and happy 11 months.

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