Saturday, September 22, 2012


this is us. the burkets.

a family big on play. and fun.

we're big on helping. or at least working on it.

and serving in all the small ways.

we sneak in hugs. 

and kisses, all day long.

because it's a big thing to us. 

we are big on talking.

and try our hardest to be even bigger about listening. 

we want our kiddos to feel important.

and pretty special.

because they are.

in a big big way.

and not because of anything any of us did. 

or ever will do.

but because of God and his big love for us. 

we know God is big about the burkets.

we know he has great plans for us. all of us.

so we pray big. praise big.

and do everything we know to do, to raise a family that is big on God.

so that above all else. 

our love for Christ will shine the biggest & the brightest.

whether we are big on training and teaching babes.

or big on providing for our family. thank you hubs.

or big about just being little. 

this is us.

we certainly don't often get it right, but we 
are big on trying and big on trusting.
Big things are planned for all of us.
Big and little.


-Sarah- said...

beautiful family :)
i love your post before about your kids being siblings :) they are so sweet!!! i hope my own two are gonna be the same.

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