Saturday, September 22, 2012


it doesn't get any better than these two.

a big brother who adores his little sister.

and a little sister who is just as crazy about him. most of the time.

they are the first thing each other wants to see when they wake.

and the last thing they want at night. 
other than that last drink, last snack, and extra lullaby. 

they love light saber duels. dance parties. and playing dress up.

he gets her drinks. draws her princess pictures. and washes her toes with the nail brush.

she gets him to live a little more on the edge. and cracks him up all day long.

listening to them talk and laugh with each other makes my heart swell.

and I'm so happy I have a front seat to watch their love grow. 

thanks abbey for snapping the siblove.

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