Thursday, April 12, 2012

heart of texas.

on our way home from skiing, our airplane had a layover in texas.

and there was no way this crew was stopping in texas without seeing our favorite texans.
plus, none of the burkets had ever been to texas!

we heard everything is bigger in texas. 
we did have a big welcome.

complete with a big scavenger hunt.

big clues.

a big hat.

and big boots.

we went to a real big texas barbecue. 

with big smokers.

big appetites.

and even bigger trays of food.
yes, y'all heard me, no plates in this joint, they'd be too small.

big fun was had.

and then it was back to the creek, for a texas style sunday.

adventures for the big boys.

and the little boy too. 

big adventures.

it was a big time for family. and togetherness.

for big cuddles.

big laughs.

 and big friendships.

the stars may in fact be big and bright in texas.

but they don't compare to the hearts.

Big thanks and love aunt carolyn & uncle drew,
and the rest of the mcbryde crew for showing us such big love.
we will certainly be back!


Crispin said...

Were u in FT. Worth or Austin???

leslie burket. said...

Ft. worth! xoxo

Matt McBryde said...

We loved getting to hang out with you all! That was lots of fun for all of us and I know it was a special treat for my parents as well. Thank you for being such a wonderful part of their time in Florida.

Matt and Kyla McBryde

Caroline said...

Seriously, the picture of trent in the creek with his hat is the cutest picture I have ever seen!!!!