Friday, April 20, 2012


if you know me, you know I don't typically fuss with fancy.

but the same could not be said for little miss. 
who nearly flipped when her aunt carolyn took her to 

after our heyday shopping trip, thank you gigi,
we had to completely reorganize lila's closet to accommodate the goods.

we tied pink grosgrain ribbons to the bar and made the easiest hair bow holder.

and I must confess, as a true southern girl, 
I have a real soft spot for big hair bows.

it's just the bucket-sized-hot-pink-rhinestone-embellished-cowboy-hat 
that I could do without.


sheridan said...

Could you p,ease come and organize all my closets like miss L? Oh please give me some tips on what you put where and how you decide. This girl thing and all the tights bloomers socks accessories is so overwhelming!

leslie burket. said...

you are too funny.
we do lots of baskets.
and the baskets move up and down on the shelves depending on the season
the two main baskets are: shoes & bloomers.
(bloomers are actual bloomers and undies) they stay front and center all year.
in the white ikea baskets are: hats and gloves, socks and tights, swim and such, diapers (for nighttime) and then toys in the last two white baskets, and those get rotated in and out too.
how is that sweet baby girl?
and all those big brothers!?
all my love, leslie

leslie burket. said...
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sheridan said...

Thank you. Brooklyn is so sweet. She is a good baby and I'm lo ing her to pieces! All the boys are crazy about her but mostly daddy and Garrett can't get enough hugs etc. Thank you for the help, I'm not the best at organizing so your tips are greatly appreciated! I feel silly about this question but are the bloomers u talk about bloomers and undies in one? If so where do I get those when that day comes?

I've used the Lilapops many times and we love them! Awesome job,

leslie burket. said...

bloomers are diaper covers.
they come with most dresses and the like.
but can be purchased all over (etsy)
we keep them in the basket with undies
to keep things simple.
(and it helps dad remember to put both on her)
so glad to hear all is well.
all my love. xoxo

Crispin said...

UMMM you went to Sam Moon, didn't you?!!?!? LOVE!

leslie burket. said...

oh yes crispin! little miss was over the moon for sam moon!