Tuesday, January 11, 2011


bedtime in burket house.

trents dress rehearsal for his first alphabet show and tell.
he introduced himself, and then began about showers.
(translation: star wars)
he's bringing Anakin...for letter A.

then lila and I to the couch to nurse.
she pulled my shirt back down.
and crawled onto toms lap.
I guess she's weaned.
I told her she needed to go to bed.
she climbed down.
waddled in her room.
and hollered when she couldn't get in her crib.

prayers. kisses. goodnight.

a sweet reality.

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Lisapstewart said...

Hi Leslie! I wrote to you some time ago about your upholstered headboard. I am finally going to attempt to make one of my own(lets just cross our fingers:). I was just wondering how much fabric you used? Thanks again for your time. By the way, still love your blog!
Lisa S