Friday, June 18, 2010

welcome to the club.

yesterday was a milestone kind of day.
our first stomach bug.
as in trent.

It started mid morning and went on till about supper.
he threw up all over my couch. chair. and favorite embroidered pillow.
he threw up all over the rug. the bathroom. and the both of us.
I put him in the bath. 
trying to collect my thoughts. and muster up some courage. 
he only got out to throw up some more. 
all he wanted was me.
to hold him.
so we did.
on the cold bathroom floor.
he was naked as a jay bird.
surrounded by puke.
and love. 

we sat there as still as the two of us ever could be.
it was maybe 4 minutes.
I soaked up every bit of it.
I felt like I was official.
a real mom.
not the bake cookies. push a stroller. read a book kind of mom.
but a a throw up mom.

if mom's got patches. 
the throw ip patch would be a collectors item.

I am so in love.


Courtney said...

Oh welcome to the club mama. I have been there once and it was an all night long puke event, but like I surround my little man with love, so we weren't just sitting around puke!!!

Sounds like your little guy is feeling better and hungry :)

Tegan and Tage said...

So precious. You described that feeling perfectly.

Glad he is feeling better though. And that picture? My goodness. Gorgeous.