Tuesday, June 8, 2010

how to hang a tire swing.

 a perfectly old tire.
pre-drilled with drain holes.
and bolted with chains for hanging horizontally.

have cowboy throw the rope with something heavy attached

and lasso the branch

listen for cracking.

have cowboy tie a fancy knot.

wake your favorite toddler up from a nap to see how it works.

I think it works.

oh yea. It definitely works.

special thanks to cowboy bob & chippy.
and big al for giving us your perfectly old tire.

if you wanna give it a try, swing on by.


daninotes said...

That is so cute! Wish we had a big old tree in our yard. My little guy would LOVE a swing!

Mandy said...

love these photos and chip looks so happy too! and by the way, i'm going to start claiming T as my own, especially since he's my namesake. :)

Jan said...

I want to come by and swing - judging by his face it looks like a lot of fun.

jenn said...

so cute!!!
my boys would love that!!