Friday, May 7, 2010

sweet reality.

I can't believe I am a mom.
I've wanted this for as long as I can ever remember.
and it's here. 


I kiss her face.
and let her kiss me back.
drooling all over me.
and I can't believe she is real.

and him. he's here. and real.
he brings me such joy.
the things he says. and does.

he's so silly but lets me hold him.
and tell him stories.
and answer his questions.
and softly sing him songs.

I pinch myself. I cant believe it. 
but it's clear I am their mom.
when I look at his eyes. his hair.
and feel her need to be near.

to look in my rearview and see him dancing
in his carseat the same way I do.
his hands in the air.

these are my kids.
I am their mom.
what a sweet sweet reality.

Happy Mothers Day.

God is so good.

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TangledUp said...

I was just browsing at your blog and just wanted to tell you how charming it is! This bit about motherhood actually gave my eyes a little glistening tingle! Thank you... I'm a mom of 4, and although exhausted at times, can totally sympathize with your elation of motherhood. God has been so good to us!
JEN ><>
p.s. I saw your blog through a facebook friend-so glad I did. :-)
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