Wednesday, May 26, 2010

mr. cool sighting

you remember mr. cool.

he's taken it to a new level.

his sister is a bit bothered.

but he sure is having a good time.
but I'm afraid he has bug bites in places rather unpleasant.


1HOTMAMA said...

lesile- i love reading your blog and your kids are precious too! i want to know who takes your family photos-they are beautiful! and is that awesome front porch yours at your new house-i would LOVE to find a proch to take family pics with my boys....let me on your facebook too-you could message me there too...thank you!
Traci Coit-Manning

Mandy said...

My favorite post from the party planning blog about Trent's "GIANT" party - "I don't have any suggestions but your kid is awesome." Hahaha. I totally agree. Tell Lila to stop growing until Hero Mandy can get down there to visit. Love you.

Rob Jordan said...

I think Mr. Cool must have been inspired from some photo albums of his big cousin at Nana's house. All the cool boys in the family spend their early years in the nude.

Fran and Jen said...

That is too funny! Your Lila and my Emily have a lot of the same clothes! Target has the cutest clothes. I can never get out of there without buying another outfit!

I found your blog through Lizzy Writes.

I LOVE your house! And your kids are really cute too!

Jennifer :-)