Wednesday, November 24, 2010

a break.

thankful we can sleep in, kinda.

thankful for spending all day with my two.

thankful for seeing it all. seeing every smile.

thankful for time to play.

thankful he has the whole world in his hands.

thankful for time to chill out.

thankful to watch them grow. create. and learn.

thankful they share. their love for one another makes me glow.

thankful he has learned to put on his own pants.

thankful for her. her little toes. and big personality.

thankful for her slobbery dirty smile.

thankful for him. his joy. his words. his outlook.

thankful for a good book.

thankful they both are now eating whole apples.
no peeling. no cutting. 

thankful for a whole week at home.
to eat popcorn with a minnie mouse hat on.

I knew I went to college for the right thing. 

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