Thursday, October 28, 2010

meet the chicks.

the Burket family is proud to announce 
the arrival of our five newest members

meet patricia.
named after our Grandma Pat Burket.
she is a strong and independent chick.
she likes to sleep standing up.

meet inez.
after our Nana, Inez Watson.
she is very petite and peaceful.
she loves to be with others and to be held.

meet reta.
after our grannie, Reta Levick.
she likes to be heard and is a bit opinionated.
but is loved by all.

meet jean.
after the late grandma jean payne.
peeper. pooper. pecker.
wins every starring contest.

and last but not least,
meet chickiepoo.
named by her big brother trent.
a tad fatter than the rest.
but full of love.

welcome to the family babies.
we are all so in love with you.


Jessie's Girls said...

So cute! Your grandmothers must be so flattered ;).

Taylor Montgomery said...

Where did you happen to get your chicks from? Locally in the Tampa Bay area or else where? I am looking into getting some! I loved your learning farm (how to catch a chick and make them stay still...need to learn those tricks!) Thanks!!